President Message

Dr.Rakesh Gupta

Dear Viewer,

With quality of education becoming the need of society . We fortunately have today in a “test- contests” correlation for promoting and terms, rarely heard in the past are fast making their presence felt in highly competitive word.

Soft skills are two simple words encompassing a much wider field. It basically means those skills which help you to become successful in life .Communication skills. Body language, time management and confidence building are those soft skills which are the need of hour .

Earlier a student had to just score well in the exams to secure a position for himself, but now academic excellence needs to be supplemented with right attitude and presentation skills.

Success happens only when preparation meets performance.

Education, hence must help to develop the humanity to understand the limitations of our knowledge. It is our responsibility therefore to ensure that our student are equipped with cone values needed to adopt to the changing environment.

Dr.Rakesh Gupta