Manager's Message

Dear Viewer,

We take immense pleasure to state that the Lord Krishna Educational Academy is going to start its new session with great enthusiasm.
Our founder, parents and teachers would have noticed that the management of L.K.E.A has been continuously improving the infrastructure and also the quality of highly qualified and experienced faculty members.

The academic result of L.KE.A has been constantly 100% from the very beginning .What more important is that every student's progress is monitored on weekly and monthly basis to ascertain that every child is continuously improving the moment it is found that a particular child is not progressing as per the expectations, special remedial classes are arranged everyday. We are very happy to say that so far, almost every child has improved his/her performance from the level on which he/she was admitted to the school. We are sure that this is a matter of great satisfaction for the parents too.

Our message to the late student is to aim high in life and have confidence in yourself, work hard for which there is no substitute to achieve success, develop positive in your thoughts and actions, have passions, perfection and excellence in all your endeavour's love and respect others and you would automatically earn their love and respect.

Shashank Gupta (Manager)